I believe in collaborating with my clients to capture the unique styles they seek.  I offer a variety of different services, depending on my clients’ needs. 
This is a list of the types of services I offer.
Hot Rods                                   Car Seats                              Boat interiors                       Convertible Tops
Street Rods                               Door panels                          Boat Tops
Restorations                              Headliners                             RV's (Coaches)                                           
Completes                                 Tonneau Covers                    Motorcycle Seats
       Customs                                    Truck Seats                           ATV Seats
       Show Vehicles
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I like to sit down and talk to you about exactly what you want to have done.  We have a good selection of materials for your upholstery needs.
Call to inquire  (503) 634-2581 - or email: rabeauto@monitorcoop.com
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    Motorcycle Seat
     1969 AMX
      AMX Interior
      1946  UTE
          UTE Interior